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How do you become a certified automation expert with Qentinel Pace?

Qentinel provides sets of online training and certifications to the software community. The training utilizes best practices for the low-coding approach used in Qentinel Pace. The training provides you with the opportunity to learn and get certified in Qentinel Pace Orientation, Foundation and Advanced levels. The pre-requisites and contents of training are described here: https://app.seidat.com/presentation/shared/58TWxLiffdchxdTP2/0/0


Who are we at Qentinel?


Qentinel is an international software testing and quality assurance expert. We accelerate software development and improve the user experience with robotic testing. We do demanding test automation solutions and help our clients and partners lead digital services projects. Our customers are big and medium-sized companies and organizations with complex backend-systems. Authorities like the Finnish Tax Administration, Finnish Customs and many industrial companies such as Kone, Metso, Konecranes and Ponsse count on Qentinel for software quality assurance. Over 500 million people use daily software that has been automatically tested by Qentinel. Qentinel was founded in 2002 in Finland, and today we employ over 140 people. We have offices in Finland, Germany and the US. We believe that any business is only as good as the software driving it.


What is Qentinel Pace?

Qentinel Pace is a cloud-based robotic software testing solution available as a SaaS product. Depending on our customer’s specific needs, Qentinel Pace robots can also be deployed within the customer network as a hybrid solution. Qentinel Pace is described in detail in the Product Description. Time for expensive closed source test tools is over. Qentinel Pace provides a platform to run open-source testing and RPA frameworks and testing libraries in the cloud, providing additional levels of scalability, security, efficiency and predictability. This means that you can run all of the required automation on the same platform. Qentinel Pace helps promote the following best practices related to automation:

  • Security: the ability to treat sensitive information as secret makes your testing more secure. And the project level classification keeps different testing areas neatly separated. Security is carefully taken into account when setting up Qentinel Pace test automation.
  • Harmonized and standard way of writing test cases: PaceWords, the keywords that our customers write their test cases with, are developed and maintained by Qentinel as part of the offering. As a user, you always have access to the latest and greatest version of PaceWords. For an organization, this promotes a standard way of writing test cases, which stops the keywords from growing out of hand and becoming a huge maintenance overhead. Also, it promotes the creation of highly readable and highly reusable test scripts.
  • Scale when needed: with Qentinel Pace, you leverage infrastructure as a code, which enables you to scale Qentinel Pace with your test automation needs and cut the maintenance costs.
  • Version control and availability of test results as videos: in Qentinel Pace, all the test scripts are version controlled. Hence you never lose anything, and this promotes traceability. Not only that, but all of the test results and their detailed logs are stored and are made available for the entire history of test runs. One of the cool features in Qentinel Pace is that you can view live execution of robots testing web applications and also store them. Hence, you have test results, detailed logs and recorded videos for all the test runs.
  • Quality Intelligence (analytics) promotes a culture of transparency and traceability.

What happens after certification?

How to get test automation projects onboard? Work it Global will be the place to keep you updated for upcoming automation assignments.

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