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Rewards and bonus model

We have a new reward & bonus model with which we hope to support charities for climate change.

We use a point-based system, where points can be collected by our members and used as a donation to environmentalist charities. These points can be obtained once you are paid or through other actions in our network.

First time members will automatically receive introductory points once they register to our platform. We encourage you to invite your friends to register and make use of this offer also. In addition, you will receive a bonus point for any projects they participate in through our network.

You can follow and manage all of this transparently on your own site.

We are here to revolutionize the business of talent hunting and to make a difference and be a positive influence in this industry and beyond. We value each of these goals equally and we are committed to them.



Work It Global and ON A MISSION have partnered and joined forces towards a common goal: making our climate safe. Get involved in projects on the Work It Global platform and support sustainable reforestation worldwide. Your actions will have a direct impact on the climate, local communities, biodiversity and soils.

Who we are

ON A MISSION enables businesses and individuals to invest in local and sustainable reforestation projects to compensate carbon emissions. By scaling up carefully selected projects, we aim at a high impact on local communities, biodiversity and our climate.

What you support

Your contribution will support a portfolio of carefully selected sustainable reforestation projects with three main objectives: mitigating climate change by scaling up the projects (trees are the most powerful carbon-capture technology), empowering local communities, and preserving and restoring biodiversity.

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