Robotic Processes Automation (RPA) Implementation


  Manual and repetitive processes

  Rule-based processes


  Standardized processes

  High-load processes

Types of Robotic Process Automation

  Attended automation: These tools will require human intervention while performing automation processes

  Unattended automation: These tools are intelligent and have decision-making capabilities

  Hybrid RPA: These tools will have combined capabilities of both attended and unattended automation tools

RPA Tools


  Blue Prism,

  Another Monday

  Automation Anywhere


Robotic Process Automation saves time and human efforts to a major extent.

RPA allows businesses to automate routine, rules-based tasks at scale. Solutions infused with robotic process automation (RPA) enable a digital system to execute business processes through the emulation of human actions. With RPA, companies could perform tasks such as automating email responses for a customer relations department, or installing and configuring applications on corporate hardware, or extracting information from an Accounts Payable system to generate a weekly report.

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