Are you interested in moving to Finland/Helsinki?

We have a unique project starting to help professionals find a job through us. Helsinki-based companies are looking for experts through our platformYou can start working right away through the Work It Global platform.
Log in to our website, define your skills and hourly rate.
Initially, you will work on our platform remotely until the authority preparations are ready in both your country and Finland.
First we introduce you to Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Working in Helsinki is as great as it sounds. In addition to the actual work, you get to hang out with the happiest folks in the world, breathe the clean air, secure a free top-class education for your children, enjoy the healthiest work-life balance worldwide, feel the nature from your doorstep and benefit from a highly ranked - and free - health care system. Read more from Helsinki`s own page

The locals tell the best stories of Helsinki

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